Trips to the surroundings

Trips to the surroundings
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Trips to the surroundings


Castle Velhartice

Distance from the Castle:  22 km (13,67mi)velhartice

The castle will surprise you!

Velhartice is a Gothic castle with a unique stone bridge and late Reniassance wing. On the lower yard, you can visit the castle brew-house and a ruin of the stillhouse. The highest position of the castle rock has the representative Paradise-House that is connected with the advanced donjon tower through the massive stone bridge. The late Renaissance Huerto's Wing is placed between Paradise-House and the south Gothic palace, which was incorporated into the Huerto's Wing.

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Castle Kašperk

DIstance from Rabí: 23 km (18,64 mi)

Visit the highest Gothic castle in Bohemia! The castle was founded by the Czech King and a Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1356. There were three main reasons to built such a  massive castle on a stony hill. His castle should protect the borderline between Bohemia and neighbouring Bavaria and ensure safety on a trade route called the "Golden Route". Its defenders should defend the gold-bearing area around Kašperské Hory, too. Kašperské Hory was namely a famous gold-mining town in 14th century.

Vít Hedvábný himself runned the construction of the castle. Vít Hedvábný was a famous courter master builder of the emperor Charles IV. The town Kašperské Hory owns the ruin of the castle since 1616. Today, you can visit burgrave, ruin of the castle palace and eastern tower in the interior castle with a beautiful view of the surroundings.

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Distance from Rabí: 10 km (6,21 mi)

The town has been developing since the 13th century on the former gold-washing settlement. The most impressive building, which dominates the town square, is the Town Hall (residence of the municipal office).susice

Noticeable are also Renaissance buildings on the square, for example Voprchovský house (originally it was a Gothic house, later it got Renaissance-gable) - today place of Museum of the Šumava. The permanent exhibition includes mechanical Christmas crib, relics of gold panning, beautiful exhibits from Šumava's glass industry and a part of the museum exhibition is dedicated to the Sušice's match industry.

The most remarkable ecclesiastical building is Chapel of the Guardian Angel, situated on the Stráž Hill. You find in this nice town countless numbers of cultural, sport, tourist and entertainment events.

There is a lot of good restaurants, tearooms, pull-ups, eateries, dining houses, cook shops, caf' and porter-houses. If you like hiking, walking, touring by water, cycling, biking and riding on horseback, then Sušice is the right place for you.

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Distance from Rabí: 10km (6,21 mi), direction northeast


To this settlement, situated on the river Otava, was given the status of the town already in the year 1292. Horažďovice and the Rabí Castle had the same owner at the turn of the 16th century, namely Půta II. Švihovský. He was generous donator of the monastery church Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Horažďovice and he is buried there. In the nice chateau, built on the ruins of the medieval castle, is a city museum. We recommend to visit a centre, where is a lot of interesting historical monuments, for example Red Gate (so called Prague Gate). This Gate is one of the oldest preserved town gates in Bohemia.

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Kašperské Hory

Distance from Rabí: 26 km (16,16 mi)kasperske-hory

Kašperské Hory is the highest Gothic town in Bohemia (740 above sea-level, 2 427,82 ft above sea-level), it was an important and wealthy Royal town. The emperor and king Charles the IV. knew about  its significance and he supported the town. The famous writer Karel Klostermann (1848 - 1923) wrote novels and tales about this town.

The town spread out gradually during 13th century as a mining colony near the goldmines. You can learn more about this phenomenon while walking the nature trails, which lead through the landscape around Kašperské Hory.  In the large square you can admire not only the church of St. Margaret, but also a beautiful town hall. This town hall with its frontispiece in the form of a triple-gable is a typical example of Renaissance architecture and Baroque style.

You can find a lot of museums in Kašperské Hory, for example Museum of Šumava, Museum of Historical Motorcycles, Museum of Beer, Museum of Toys, etc.

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View tower Svatobor

Distance from Rabí: 12 kmSvatobor

Svatobor is a legendary mountain above Sušice, crowned with a 31.6 m (103,67 feet, 34,56 yards) high View Tower and a Shelter Hut from 1936. There is a marvelous panoramic view of the beautiful landscape from the View Tower:

a) North-east: Rabí Castle, Prácheň, on the horizon central-Bohemian higlands

b) South-east: ruins of the Celtic settlement Sedlo (Saddle), Castle Kašperk, hills Ždánov and Javorník

c) South-west: Sokol, edge of the hills Pancíř (Pancer) and Můstek, Jezerní stěna (Lacustrine Cliff, Seewand) and the mountain Velký Javor (Grosser Arber, Big Maple)

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