Useful information

Useful information
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Useful information

Ten Commandments of a good visitor, fee, easy access, photographing, pets



We ask our visitor not to do the following:


  • Thou shalt not smoke in the whole object.

  • Thou shalt not throw anything into the castle water well and anywhere else.

  • Thou shalt not cull flower, thou shalt not pick fruits and damage bushes and trees.

  • Thou shalt not camp out in the whole Castle.

  • Thou shalt not damage the Rabí Castle, its collection and the possession of the Castle.

  • Thou shalt not touch the walls and exhibits, thou shalt not draw on the walls or in any other way to damage them.

  • Thou shalt not swarm up the castle walls.
  • Thou shalt not go away from the sight-seeing group
  • Thou shalt not park in the castle with bikes and cars (with the exception of wheelchairs, prams and bassinets).

  • Thou shalt not disturb (mobile telephone, talking, etc) during the guided tour.


Entrance fee

  • You must pay for a castle visit before you walk through the main gte.

  • You must observe the visitor's Commandments.

  • You will get entrance ticket indicating the beginning of your guided tour.
  • If you are late, you won't be able to get in and won't get any compensation.
  • Please, keep your entrance ticket during the guided tour.

There is no entry for:

  • drunk, jagged and drugged people

  • people in very unsuitable dresses.

Wish and complaint

The Request Book is available in the ticket office.

Photographing and filming

It is allowed to photograph and film for personal purposes and it is not charged.

However, the administration of the Castle retains the right to make exceptions from this rule in justified cases.

Accessibility of the Castle for people in wheelchair

The Rabí Castle is a ruin and it is not suitaible for the wheelchair bound. There is a very steep pave path even to the ticket office and without a strong help it is impossible to step up. If you have a wheelchair, your company can ask for help in the ticket office or you can call in advance so that staff member can come down from the ticket office and help you. There is only Lower Courtyard adapted for wheelchairs (where you can visit the castle stable).

The administration of the Castle promises to improve the conditions for disabled people and thanks for your understanding.


Rabí is open for the visitors with their pets. The visitors must keep their dogs on leash and other pets in the pets' boxes. The animals are not charged but they are not allowed to threathen other visitors and run without leash.




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