Village Rabí and surroundings

Village Rabí and surroundings
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Village Rabí and surroundings




You will find the village Rabí in the district of Klatovy, approx. 6,21 mi (10km) north-eastward from the town Sušice. It is located 1 597,77 ft  (487 m, 532,59 yards) above the sea level.

Rabí is a picturesque nice village, situated nearby the river Otava in the landscape called "Pošumaví". There are plenty of interesting places around the village.

Number of the population: 345

There is a municipal office with Czech Point; there is also a post, one small grocery, one hotel (Atawa), one pub, private rooming houses, one guesthouse TJ Sokol with sports facility.


History of the village Rabí

This settlement experienced its greatest boom under the government of Půta Švihovský of Rosenberg, who raised the settlement to the town. Půta obtained the promotion to the town with some privileges from the king Wladislaw Jagello. Shortly after making the royal privilege, Půta Švihovský gave to the new town its foundation charter in which he granted the town the same privilages as the old town Horažďovice had. He permitted to build the so called "Down town", which had a centre in the form of a rectangular piazza with partial system of right-angled alleyways. Rabí was given its municipal coat of arms in 1513.

The town was fortified with stoneworks in this time. The fortification wall started south of the church and continued through houses as far as the school. A tiny piece of the port is preserved nearby the school, through which one could enter the town. Close to this wall, a Jewish community has founded a cemetery. Worth to see is precious Baroque gravestones statued from limestone.

The central line of the second part of the town is a more recent street, connecting the two towns: Sušice and Horažďovice. By the roadside, you will see the Baroque cemetery chapel of St. John Nepomuk. You can find Baroque style on the piazza that is lined with gables in a style of the beautiful peasant Baroque.

At present, Rabí and surroundings invite attention first because of the Castle, but you can find in this landscape more opportunities to enjoy yourself. In Summer, you can swim and refresh yourself in the river Otava. In the village there is sports facility with tennis-court and volleyball-court. There is also a small private museum of handicrafts, opened during the main tourist season. We want to develop continually our tourist services and would like you to feel comfortable. For more information: oddelovac

Prácheň - officially Provincia Prachinensis or Prachens (in English and German)

Distance from Rabí: 9 kmprachen

Prachinensis is a famous hill where an Old Slavic site of an ancient fortified settlement (10-11century) originally stood. Prachens became an administrative centre of the homonymic region since 1246. A Gothic castle was built on the former Old Slavic settlement in the beginning of the 14th century. Not much was left from this Gothic castle; from the outer ward a fragment of peripheral wall remained with a stately round tower; from the castle itself only small remains of the buildings by the walls are still standing. Four flanking towers are relatively in a good shape (Flanking tower is a small tower projecting from a castle wall, or other fortified wall. It allows defenders to fire along the length of the wall.). Another preserved fragment of the castle is a part of the peripheral wall with a torso of the tower. The castle ruins are available to the public with no entrance fee.


Distance from Rabi: 3,5 km (2,17 miles)

You can find the castle ruins Džbán (Pitcher or Crock) above the village Budětice on the forested hill named Džbán. The noble family of Budětice founded this castle in 13th century. Bohuslav of Budětice abandoned the castle after 1380 and the castle turned into the ruins. Currently only the basic wall stands, the bottom part of a round tower and adumbration of the former castle moats. The castle ruins are available to the public with no entrance fee.

Chapel of All Saint

Distance from Rabí : 1,5 km
The ruin of the late chapel of All Saints is on the edge of the hill Líšná, nearby Rabí. According to the legend, St Vintíř, a hermit, dwelled there; or was the chapel in fact a warning tower? Another legend tells us about a devil's hoof, black wedding and a cave. Alas for him, who sets foot on a stone with a print of the hoof!

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Nezamyslice

Distance from Rabí: 5 km
kostel-v-nezamyslicichThe church of the Assumption is a Gothic sacral building from the 13th century, but the foundations of the towers are Romanesque. If you go through a small cemetery, you will find a chapel of St. Erasimus, the chapel serves as a crypt of the noble family of Lamberg, the last holders of the Rabí Castle. From this chapel, there is a beautiful view to the Rabí Castle and surroundings. The three-aisled church has its nave and two lateral bodies bowed under a ribbed diamond vault from 16th century. The church was reconstructed into the Baroque appearance at the beginning of the 17th century and it has preserved this look until today. Only the Church tower with dual windows remained in the original appearance.



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