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You can reserve marriage service from 15. 4. till 31. 10. 2017.

The Castle Stable serves usually as a wedding hall, but you can choose any other place in the Castle.

Register, date and time for civil marriage are in competence of Municipal Office, namely Mrs. Nováková, phone number: +420 376 596 252 e-mail: (office).

Information for the bridal pair

The usual day for marriage ceremony is Saturday, from 10.00 till14.00 hours. The ceremonies take place usually in the Castle Stable and the Castle; you can rent the places usually for ½ hour. You should pay for the rent in the ticket office. The rent includes taking pictures: your photographer can take pictures of you and wedding guests anywhere in the Castle.

You must arrange religious ceremony or civil marriage with your own registrar first with the Municipal Office in Rábi and then with the Administration of the Castle.

Parking for you and guests is not charged and it is in the centre of the village, on the piazza. For disabled and the elderly it is possible to drive directly to the Castle.

We ask you not to smoke in the whole area of the Castle. Thank you. We wish you a hand-in-hand and lucky step out into the world.


You can request for information by calling us: 376596235 or by e-mail:


Wedding in the castle stable



Rent of the Castle Stable 4.000,-

We ask you to pay the rent in the day of marriage ceremoy, in the ticket office.

Administrative charges for marriage ceremony out of the official wedding hall

Both, the bride and the bridegroom with permanent residence in Czech Republic 1.000,-
Either the bride or the bridegroom without permanent residence in Czech Republic 2.000,-
Both, the bride and the bridegroom without permanent residence in Czech Republic 3.000,-

Please, pay this administrative charge in the Municipal Office.


Musical accompaniment

You can have musical accompaniement from the Municipal Office (one electric organ), but only during the common date and time (Saturday, 10.00 - 14.00). Of course, you can also arrange your own musical accompaniment. If you have another day and time, you have to arrange your own musical accompaniment.



Photos from wedding ceremonies




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